International Cooperation

1 AFIC meetings

To exchange information with testing agencies related to fire prevention in Asian countries, JFEII is also a member of the Asia Fire-protection Inspection Council (AFIC) that was established in 2005. JFEII participates in conferences organized by AFIC, including technical commissions, as part of efforts to fulfil its roles and responsibilities within Asia. AFIC meetings
An AFIC meetings

2 Hosting of foreign trainees and open access to JFEII facilities

JFEII actively hosts foreign trainees and has hosted up to the present 60 trainees from 19 nations including China, South Korea and Taiwan. Additionally, as a way to make improvements in fire prevention technology more readily useful and to deepen understanding of the technology to a wide audience, JFEII facilities are generally open to the public. Visitors from abrood
Visitors from abrood

3 Technological guidance for foreign countries

JFEII has dispatched representatives to countries overseas including China, Korea, Taiwan and Bangladesh to undertake guidance concerning fire prevention technology. Technological guidance in Thailand
Technological guidance in Thailand
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