Research And Investigation

JFEII carries out all kinds of surveys and research useful for improving fire prevention equipment and the testing and inspection of that equipment.

1 Research on technical standards

In order to plan proper and rational inspections and to provide for newly developed fire prevention equipment, a standards research committee has been established to research and discuss technical standards, testing and inspection methods.

2 Response to new developments in technology

When a product is developed with new technology as fire prevention equipment that does not conform to technical standards but possesses superior performance, a Fire Protection Equipment Assessment Committee deliberates whether or not this equipment is at or above these standards.

3 Other types of study and research

JFEII carries out research on the effective period of use for fire prevention equipment, follow up surveys, research on test methods concerning new products, and also collects written materials from overseas.

4 Publication of research data

JFEII gathers inspection related data, surveys and research, as well as cases of accidents concerning fire prevention equipment, and other relevant information, and makes the information available through its published periodicals and Internet homepage.

"DAYORI" ; Monthly Journal of JFEII /
"JIHOU" ; Annual Report of JFEII

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Flame Spectral Characteristics

Flame Spectral

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